Corinne Dumont

Corinne, mother of two, is an entrepreneur, researcher, explorer and a humanist leader with strong corporate finance skills and experience.

In 2007, inspired by her passion for natural, sustainable food and healthy lifestyle and a need for a sense of purpose in her new career step, she took over 2 organic supermarket stores, Sequoia Bio & Natural Market, Corinne and her partners broke into the Belgian organic food market, pioneering new modern concept stores. They rapidly expanded into a profitable company which today employs ca. 100 employees and totals 10 stores. In December 2018, they just completed a scale-up and sale to the French organic food store player, BBG.

Today, Corinne brings her experience and talents to accompany other entrepreneurs to upscale their businesses financially and exit successfully (M&A). She adds value by keeping human and financial resources in balance and igniting passion through a crystal-clear vision. She helps release untapped potential by inspiring trust, cooperation and creativity through authentic leadership skills. Working with the power of intuitions and emotional intelligence, she guides business transformation to a new life chapter by facilitating convergence of all stakeholder’s interests towards a common goal. She supports the sale and post-acquisition process from A-Z to ensure a successful transition, including mentoring individuals and teams to spark their intrinsic motivation, autonomy and personal grow.

Corinne holds an MBA in Finance from the Solvay Business School and is an Eponaquest instructor.

Her values are trust, authenticity, freedom, autonomy, loyalty, courage, resilience and solidarity.

#Authentic Leadership #Humanism #Sustainable performance #Societal Impact #Entrepreneurship

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